Hope's Wings is a domestic violence shelter in Richmond KY. It is a haven for abused women seeking a safe place for themselves and their children to stay and heal. Hope's Wings offers a 24/7 crisis line to call for advice and support. Hope's Wings also encourages courtroom advocacy. We provide counseling programs, support groups, education groups, life skills training, and conducts community training, education and prevention programs.
SMArt Learning offers science and math tutoring for teens in the Atlanta and Decatur, GA, area. We develop a unique curriculum for each student based on his or her personal interests and strengths. Working one-on-one or in small groups, students develop their science and math skills while working through an art project. Whatever the talents and interests of your teen, SMArt uses it to transform their beliefs about science and math.
This site is for accurate information about the every day things we have to do or information we need about some matter conserning our family,our home,our health and ect
Cloud Cover Publishing was set up to support Author/Photographer P.J. Cloud's "Someday, I'll Ask You" book series.
“The No-Cash Allowance” by Lynne L. Finch can take kids beyond the financial literacy, where they gain knowledge about money to financial competency, the actual skill of managing money.
At Mum Assist we give mums a hand by looking after everything else when you bring your newborn baby home. We can assist with the day-to-day running of your household for 2,3,4 or more hours at a time. At Mum Assist, we aim to give parents more time to concentrate on their newborn babies needs by helping them do everything else.
Helping Schools and Organizations with a superior fundraising product that increases fundraising profits while benefitting local businesses
Tips on gifts and information on how to enrich your child's life
Taking The Work out of Parenting and putting The Joy back in. Discover how to be a Joyful Parent with the help of Kathy White. Kathy uses The Work of Byron Katie as the foundation to undo stressful parenting beliefs, she also uses playful Parenting, Creative Art Therapy and Simplicity Parenting tools. If you have problems connecting with your kids, don't know what to do about sibling rivalry, temper tantrums, moody teenagers, screaming babies or any other parenting challenge contact Kathy.
Design a beautiful and unique gift for your new eagle scout. Your Eagle Scout will treasure this gift forever. You will be giving him the perfect gift for his EGLE court of Honor. Pick a photograph, pick a background, pick the size you prefer and pick the text you would like to appear on the photograph. It will me failed to you in time for his Eagle Court of Honor.

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